Jo wanted to design a green planet.
Birds that fly only during the day.
Clouds that come and go.
Interactivity layers 
There is a unique image for each 24 hours.
The planet rotates a little bit more each hour.
The sun shines in a different direction every hour.
The birds are in a different posture every hour.
The time zone can be modified by the artwork's owner.
As a result, he has some control over the images he sees.
Use Case 
If it's day or night, it's indicated in the artwork.

The in-laws of Jo are from Asia.
He frequently has no idea whether they are awake or asleep.
Can he still call them, or are they already asleep?
He can tell if it's day or night at his in-laws' by looking at the artwork.

00:00 to 23:00
Paper and pen, Blender 3D, and Adobe Photoshop.

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