Jo wants to show a version of the future.
Researching what possibilities are available in interactive and dynamic NFTs.
Today, all levels can only be changed manually.

Interactivity layers 
There are five interactive layers. 
Each level represents a different possibility. 

This layer can be connected with the weather data.

In this layer the clock updates hourly.
In addition, the clock can also display 'GM' or 'GN'.

Price Trend​​​​​​​
Based on a selected crypto or stock price, 
an ascending or descending curve is displayed.

This layer displays the continent of the owner’s location.
Linked NFT
This layer can change with another NFT. 
In this case, it is a "Censored" NFT minted in 2022. 
If the NFT changes, the layer can automatically 
display the censored message.

+ Paper and pen
+ Blender
+ JavaScript to generate the tattoo pattern
+ Photoshop

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